Thursday, April 28, 2011

Shipment in from Perth Australia + Pictures

Hi All,

We have recieved a sample shipment from Australia which is landed today.

Here are the species that have arrived in:

Tubastrea faulkneri Sunshine coral
Fungia repanda Mushroom Coral
Duncanopsammia axifuga Daisy coral
Catalaphyllia jardinei Elegance coral
Lobophyllia hemprichii Lobed Brain Coral
Fungia repanda Mushroom Coral
Symphyllia radians Open Brain
Scolymia australis Doughnut Coral
Echinophyllia aspera Chalice Coral
Goniastrea palauensis Baby breathe brain
Fungia repanda Mushroom Coral
Heteractis malu Marbled anemone

Also we have 3 species of Seahorses arriving, Kuda, Angustus and Elongatus.

Here are some pictyures after just acclimated in so not at full glory

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New shipment arrival for this week 27th April

Hi all,

Here is the first part of the list for this week.

We will also post for a Thursday delivery of hard corals from Australia.  Also new species seahorses to arrive as well.

Marine Fish

cross damsel neolgyphidodon crossi
segmented blenny salarias segmentatus
golden heads goby valenciena strigata
decorated firefish nemateleotris decora
banded cat shark chiloscyllium punctatum
six line wrasse pseudocheilinus hexataenia
bicolor angelfish centropyge bicolor
spoted boxfish ostracion meleagris
long horn cowfish  lactoria cornuta
maroon clown premnas bioculeatus
royal dottyback pseudochromis paccagnellae
two colored blenny ecsenius bicolor
forktail blenny meiacanthus atrodorsalis
yellow tilefish hoplolatilus luteus
dusky tilefish hoplolatilus cuniculus
mimic surgeonfish acanthurus pyroferus
red coris juv  coris gaimard africana
false percula clown  amphiprion ocellaris
yellow clark's clownfish amphiprion clarkii
orange spot filefish oxymonachanthus longirostris
jewelled blenny entomacrodus striatus
forktail blenny meiacanthus atrodorsalis
orange spoted shrimp goby amblyeleotris guttata

Marine Inverts

red star echinaster purpureus
black turbo snail trochus maculatus 
green corn anemone  entacmaea quardicolor      
green l.t. anemone  radianthus species
green l.t. anemone  radianthus species
yellow sand anemone  gyrostoma helianthus
fire shrimp lysmata debelius
dancing shrimpfish thor amboinensis
glass shrimp periclimenes specie

Freshwater Fish

Guppy Males Assorted Poecillia reticulata
Guppy Endler Poecillia reticulata
Platy Assorted Xiphophorus maculatus
Tetra Black Widow Gymnocorymbus ternetsi
Discus Pigeon Blood Symphysodon aequifasciata
Guppy Calico Double Sword Poecillia reticulata

Freshwater Plants
Full list to be posted soon.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New shipment arrival for this week 13th April

Hi Everyone,

Here is this weeks arrivals - More to follow - lots to get up.

Marine Fish

Blueface Angel : A - Euxiphipops xanthometapon
Flame Angel - Centropyge loriculus
Lemon Peel - Centropyge flavissima
Potters Angel - Centropyge potteri
Copperband Butterfly - Chelmon rostratus
Maroon Clown - Yellow - Premnas biaculeatus
Fijian Blue & Gold Damsel - Chrysiptera taupou
Micronesian Orange Tail Damsel - Chrysiptera cyanea
Aiptasia Eating Filefish - Acreicthys tomentosus
Powder Blue Tang - Acanthurus leucosternon
Powder Blue Tang - Acanthurus leucosternon
Regal Tang - Paracanthurus hepatus
Sailfin Tang - Ind O - Zebrasoma desjardinii
Sailfin Tang - Pacific- Zebrasoma veliferum
Achilles Tang - Acanthurus achilles
Yellow Tang - Zebrasoma flavescens
Purple Tang - Zebrasoma xanthurus
Pyjama Wrass - Pseudocheilinus hexataenia
Blue Stripe Dwarf Parrot - Paracheilinus mccoskeri
Hovercraft Cowfish -  Tetrasomus gibbosus
Coloured Dogface Puffer - Arothron hispidus
Porcupine Puffer - Diodon hystrix
Bicolour Blenny - Ecsenius bicolor
Canary Blenny- Meiacanthus oualanensis
Blue Head Canary Blenny - Meiacanthus atrodorsalis
Dot Dash Blenny - Escenius lineatus
Goldstreak Blenny - Escenius stigmatura
Longnose Gurnard - Parapegasus natans
Blue Cheek Goby - Valenciennea strigata
Orange Spot Goby - Valencienna puellaris
goldstreak Blenny - Escenius stigmatura
Sulphur Goby - Cryptocentrus cinctus
White Watchman Goby  - Amblygobius stethophthalmus
Scarlet Hawk - Neocirrhitus armatus
Black Percula Clown - Amphiprion percula
Fiji Orange Spot Filefish - Oxymonocanthus longirostris
Hi Fin Blue Stripe Dwarf Parrot - Paracheilinus carpenteri
Yellowhead Jawfish - Opistognanthus aurifrons
Lion - Fumanchu - Dendrochirus biocellatus

Marine Inverts

Shark Egg - Chiloscyllium sp.
Bumble Bee Shrimp- Gnathaphyllum americanum
Pink Anemone Crab - Neopetrolisthes maculatus
Spotted Anemone Crab - Neopetrolisthes ohshimai
Deepwater Decorator Crab - Achaeus spp.
Upside down cave Crabs
Pink Lobster - Enoplometopus daumi
Caulerpa Algae on Rock - Caulerpa sertularioides
Snails - Trochus histrio
Snail - Nassarius spp.
Snail - Orange Marble - Turbo spp.
Snail - Turbo Astraea tectum
Snail - Turbo Astraea tectum
Red Starfish - Fromia indica

Freshwater Fish & Inverts

Neon Tetra XL
Underwater Frog
Blacdk Neon
Real Bumble Bee Shrimp
Fossorochromis rostratus
Labeotropheus trewavasae rosa
Apistogramma cacatuoides Orange
Apistogramma viejita II
Pseudotropheus demasoni
Ampularia australis blue
Red FIn Rudd
MaleNeon Red Dwarf Gourami
Dwarf Underwater Frogs
Aquatic Gold Frogs
Assorted true aquatic potted plants
Golden Orfe
Blue Orfe
Green Tench
Long nose Sturgeon 9 - 10"
Diamond Sturgeon
Red Cap Oranda
Koi A Grade 5-6" and 7-8"

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New shipment in for 6th April - Anemone Madness.

Hi All,

Here are the lists in for arrival 6th April.

We have had many requests for the Anemones that we have been getting in and we have a large number that have all arrived in this shipment.

Here are the lists.

Marine Inverts.

collector urchin tripneustes gratilla
banded shrimp stenopus hispidus
spinny lobster panulirus versicolor
 sabellastarte indica   col. spiral finger tube 
 radianthus crispus   white - flat anemone 
 dolabella auricularia   sea hares slug 
 lima hians   flame scallop 
 fasciolariidae specie   bumble bee shell 
 sabellastarte specie   colored finger tube 
green corn anemone entacmaea quardicolor      
purple l.t. anemones   heteractis crispa
pakis anemone radianthus koseirensis
green l.t. Anemone radianthus species
yellow sand anemone gyrostoma helianthus
red sand anemone gyrostoma helianthus
red coco worm protula bispiralis
white corn anemone entacmaea quardicolor      
red bottom anemone bratholomea annulata
corn anemone  radianthus malu
green corn anemone  radianthus malu
red corn anemone radianthus malu
yellow bottom anemone  radhianthus sp.
sand anemone heteractis crispa
stripe carpet anemone stoichacthus sp.
red / purple tip corn anemone (m/l) radianthus malu
color malu anemone heteractis malu
big head shrimp enoplometopus accidentalis
sexy shrimp thor amboinensis
anemone shrimp periclimenes brevicarparis
harequeen shrimp hymenocera picta
cleaner shrimp lysmata grabhami
crab anemone neoptrolisthee ohsimai
mantis shrimp odontodactylus japonicus
spinny lobster panulirus versicolor
camel shrimp rhynchocinetes durbanensis
banded shrimp stenopus hispidus
yellow banded shrimp stenopus hispidus
purple banded shrimp stenopus hispidus
boxer crab lybia tesselata
blue striped hermit crab calcinus elegans
red leg hermit crab calcinus argus
purple reef lobster enoplometopus debelius
red linckia starfish echinaster purpureus
bali starfish protorester lincki
soft tube worm(red&white) sabellastarte indica
up side down jelly fish  cassiopeia sp.
assorted colored seaslug chromodoris sp.
spanish dancer hexabrachus sanguineus
blue starfish linckia laevigata
tiger cowry cypraea tigris
sea egg tripneustes gratilla
sea egg(red) tripneustes gratilla
globe urchin mespilla globulus
slate pencil urchin heterocentrotus mammilatu
long black urchin diadema savignyi
orange sea cucumber synaptula maculata
long spined banded urchin diadema antillarum
chocolate starfish protorester nodosus
red zebra satrfish fromia monilis
flying seaslug (blood red) aplysia sp.
white starfish astropecten scoparius
long red urchin diadema savignyi sp.
star polyp (coaster) (without rock) pachyclavularia sp
bali monster dolabella auricularia
squid fish sepia sp.
white & red koko worm sabellastarte indica
red stripe turbo (cleaner snail) trochus maculatus
rose sea star nardoa rosea
green hairy grass caulerpa sp

Yellow Ball Sponge
caulerpa sp

Yellow Ball Sponge
 Flame Scallop
Pink Tip Anemone
Emerald Green Crab
Porocelain Crab
Scarlet Red Leg Crab
Blue legged hermit crab
Turbo Snail
West Indian Turbo Snail
Porcupine Puffer Small
Crown Conch
Green, Orange, Blue, Tri-colour Florida Ricordia Mushrooms
Decorated Frilly Crabs
Nassuarius Snails
Certh Snails

Marine Fish

 centropyge bispinosus   coral beauty angel 
 pygoplites diacanthus   regal angel 
 chaetodon auriga    auriga butter fly 
 forcipiger flavissimus   yellow long nose butter fly 
 chaetodon plebius   plebius butter fly 
 platax pinnatus   pinattus bat fish 
 centropyge heraldi   yellow angel 
 percmon gibbessi   sally light foot crab 
 nemateleotris magnifica   fire fish goby 
 nemateleotris decora   flame (purple fin) goby 
 gobiodon histrio   green clown goby 
 cryptocentrus cinctus   yellow watch man goby 
 valenciennea puellaris   white goby 
 pseudochromis diadema   diadema grouper 
 pseudchromis porphyreus   strawberry grouper 
 dendrochirus zebra   dwarf lion 
 zanclus canesens   moorish idol 
 acanthurus pyroferus   yellow mimic tang 
 zebrasoma veliferum   sail fin tang 
 pseudocheilinus hexataenia   six - line wrasse 
bicolor angelfish centropyge bicolor
bicolor angelfish centropyge bicolor
midnight angelfish centropyge nox
keyhole angelfish centropyge tibicen
threadfin butterflyfish chaetodon auriga
yellow coral goby gobiodon okinawae
porcupine puffer diodon holochanthus
blue tang paracanthurus hepatus

Marine Corals

raibow mushroom m/l discosoma sp
stripes mushroom discosoma sp
watermelon mushroom discosoma sp
elephant ear mushroom rhodactis sp
red pimples mushroom ricordea sp
rainbow pimples mushroom ricordea sp
blue mushroom  m discosoma sp
red mushroom  m discosoma sp
giant cup mushroom  l rhodactis sp
green hairy mushroom discosoma sp
blue  hairy mushroom discosoma sp
green pimples mushroom ricordea sp
color mushroom rhodactis sp
green spot mushroom discosoma sp
special mushroom rhodactis sp
super red pimples musroom ricordea sp
crown leather sinularia sp
common leather coral sarcophyton sp
brown finget soft coral  m sinularia sp
cabbage soft coral (colt)  m cladiella sp
red chilli soft coral m carotalcyon sagamianum
red chilli soft coral l carotalcyon sagamianum
brown young soft coral  m sinularia sp
red colie flower alcyonium sp
cotton colie flower (orange) dendronepthya sp
brown colt coral (short)  m cladiella sp
flower leather sinularia sp
sea squit blue didemnum sp.
clove polyp ( big polyp ) clavularia sp
green clove polyp  ( big polyp ) clavularia sp
green star polyp  m pachyclavularia sp
metalic green star polyp  m pachyclavularia sp
pumping hair polyp  m xenia sp
red sand polyp  m zoanthas sp
green sand polyp  m zoanthas sp
blue star polyp pachyclavularia sp
orange sand polyp  zoanthas sp
blue sponge halicona sp
sea fan sponge (blue) halicona sp
sea fan sponge (orange) halicona sp
sea fan sponge (red) halicona sp
orange fan sponge halicona sp
tiger sponge botryllus sp

Freshwater Fish

Symphysodon discus Blue Diamond
Symphysodon discus Marlboro Red
Rasbora brigittae
Hypostomus plecostomus
Paracheirodon axelrodi
Poecilia velifera Red Albino - pairs
Poecilia sphenops Lyra Black Molly
Paracheirodon axelrodi
Apache Cichlids (M)
Black Belt Cichlids (3")
Siam Gold (M/L) - (5.5 - 6.25 cm)
Blood Red Dwarf Gourami (1.5")
Dwarf Loach (1.5") 
Green Rasbora (M)
Narrow-Wedge Harlequin 
Mixed Coloured Apple Snail 
Hypostomus plecostomus var. Gold pleco
Lamprologus ocellatus  (gold) Gold ocellatus
Ancistrus sp. black bristlenose
Microrasbora Galaxy"tank bred" Galaxy Rasbora
Nothobranchius rachovi Rochow's Notho.
Hypostomus plecostomus var. Gold pleco